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Why it is good to learn Polish?

Some people might think why would I learn Polish online? There is many reasons… First of all the total number of Polish speakers worldwide is about 50 million and Poles are everywhere, so there is a big chance you will meet someone to have a conversation in Polish. The problem is that it so hard to find a professional teacher everywhere, so taking Polish lessons online with the qualified tutor is the best solution.

Moreover the Polish language belongs to the West-Slavic group of the Indo-European languages together with Czech and Slovak, so after learning Polish online you will be able to understand not only Poles people, but also our neighbors.

Another reason to have Polish lessons online is that it is really hard to learn individually, because of very complicated Polish grammar and pronunciation. At your first online Polish lesson you will get to know 32 signs of Polish alphabet with for example: ą, ó, ł, ż, sz etc… During Polish lesson via Skype you will have to spend a lot of time on practicing your phonetic. If you want to know how to learn Polish the teacher has to explain you the grammar in the n the clear way. Polish, like other Indo-European languages, shares some Latin grammar and vocabulary. There are 3 tenses (past, present, future), 2 numbers (singular and plural), and 3 genders (masculine, feminine, neuter). There are no articles but Polish, like Latin, and is an inflectional language that distinguishes 7 cases, defining the noun usage in a sentence. Step by step you would need to go through all of that to learn Polish language, but after your Polish lessons via Skype you will be one of people who can speak one of the most difficult languages in the world.

Before you start your Polish learning it is good to know some common expressions:

Dzień dobry : good day
Dobry wieczór : good evening
Dobranoc : good night
Cześć : hi / hello
Do widzenia : good bye
Proszę : please
Dziękuję : thank you
Przepraszam : I’m sorry / excuse me
Tak : yes
Nie : no

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