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My students are from:

  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Latvia
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Ukraine

Hope for more… 🙂


If you want to „like” learning Polish, then you should take lessons with Magda! Magda is a teacher who connects with her students and pushes them to a reasonable level by offering various lesson plans that range from grammar to vocabulary to reading and conversation. She knows how to keep the student engaged and she knows when the student is „checking out”. She takes the proper steps to help you learn the language and remember it in daily routines. Her lessons are fun and you find yourself never wanting to miss one. If you must, she is willing to adjust her schedule to meet yours. If skype suits you, she will prepare virtual lesson plans. If face to face is what you prefer, she will come to you or welcome you into her house. In any instance, she creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can see the results you want. I could not be more satisfied with my lessons with Magda and I would recommed her as a teacher to anyone who is ready to take on the challenge of learning Polish!

Jacqueline Freidel USA


I started having lessons with Magda about 9 months ago. I had been living in Poland for almost 5 years, but could only say a couple of simple sentences in Polish. The reason is that I belong to a tight community of Norwegian/English speaking people and had never needed to speak Polish. I’m also very shy and embarrassed about speaking such a difficult language. However, I eventually decided it was more embarrassing not to learn the language at all. Magda came highly recommended by a colleague and I was not disappointed. I’ve never met a teacher who made it this comfortable to learn. I come to her place and she makes me coffee. We sit down on the couch and talk about what I’ve been up to since the last lesson. She’s always open to suggestions if I’m struggling with something (grammar, how to ask a girl on a date, etc.) and takes into account my individual learning pace. I’ll only be in Poland for another year, but I will definitely continue having lessons with Magda and I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the language or maybe just “polish” it a bit… Myślę, że Magda Górna jest najlepszą nauczycielką na świecie 🙂

Jarl Tobiassen Norway

Magda has been a wonderful teacher. I speak English, Japanese and Spanish and strongly believe that the Polish Language is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Magda has introduced me to the language in a variety of interesting and stimulating ways. While we use the textbook Hurra, she also creates her own resources to spice up our classes. She is always on time and is willing to spend extra time on items that I have difficulty with. In particular Magda has helped me with pronunciation, grammar and conversation skills.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Poland. I strongly believe that due to my classes with Magda I was not only able to speak with Polish people but at the same time understand the culture and its people. Magda also loves to teach her students about the ‘culture’ of Poland making the lessons more meaningful.

John Kolosowski Australia (now  lives in Japan)

I started to learn polish with Magda 2 years ago, when I arrived in Poland for my new job. At the beginning, I was reluctant to two things: having on-line lessons instead of face to face and losing my small motivation in learning this language.
Firstly Magda quickly showed me than on-line lessons are the same as face to face. Now, I even prefer this as I appreciate flexibility given by on-line lessons in my schedule!
Secondly, Magda adapts rhythm and difficulty on my progression. She encourages me and maintain my motivation by varying exercises. If I’m now able to impress my colleagues with my Polish, it’s thanks to her!

Vianney Kieken France (now lives in Poland)

Gorąco polecam Wam lekcje polskiego z Magdą, ponieważ to nie jest tak, że uczysz się polskiego tylko, ale też dobrze się bawisz! Niedawno, miałam problem, wstydziłam się mówić po polsku. But with Magda I feel very comfortable, and she is always encouraging me along the way! She is very patient and willing to listen while I try to explain something in Polish. Since meeting with her my Polish has become unblocked and I can have 2-3 hour conversations in Polish. Overall, our lessons have especially helped me to be successful in my work here in Poland.

Rachel USA

Lubię bardzo lekcje polskiego, lubię moją nauczycielkę. Interesuję się kulturą polski. Nie lubię gramatyki, ale lubię uczyć się nowych słów. Myślę, że moja nauczycielka jest fantastyczna! Od czasu do czasu mój mąż jest złym studentem. On jest dzieckiem! Też moja nauczycielka umie gotować bardzo dobrze…

Frances Lynch Ireland

Lubię lekcje polskiego, są bardzo relaksujące i interesujące. Magda jest sympatyczną nauczycielką.

Danny McNamee Ireland

Polish lessons are challenging. I really enjoy the homework. The teacher is fantastyczny!

Seamus Moley Ireland