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Online Polish lessons in the UK

polish lessons skype uk

polish lessons skype uk

Nowadays, when everyone is very busy, it is really hard to find the time for going to school to learn foreign language, in this case online learning can really help. Moreover often there is no teacher around to learn form, so taking online lessons is the only way to study. You can find a tutor who offers online learning from any country you want and connect with him one, two or more times a week for an online lesson.

If you want learn Polish language uk you should try online Polish lessons via Skype.

Online Polish learning is a very comfortable and relaxing way of studying. You can stay at home on your favourite sofa with a cup of tea and start your online Polish lessons. The professional teacher who is a native speaker will show you how to learn Polish. This is a hard tongue, so that is way it is very important to learn Polish language with a qualified tutor who can teach you the correct pronunciation and give you a clear explanation of grammar.

Online learning is getting more and more popular also when we talk about Polish lessons via Skype. Poland is the 8th biggest country in the European Union, that’s why there is more and more people around the world you want to learn Polish. However often they have not got any opportunity to take lessons in their countries, that is way they decide to start Polish lessons online. It is very easy, because they can learn Polish language in any place they are at home, on holidays or even during their break at work.

To start Polish learning via Skype you need only a good internet connection, computer or tablet with a video camera, preferably a headset. Also you have to install the best free communicator – Skype. If you don’t want to use Skype for online Polish lessons, it is also possible to use Facebook messenger or Google hangout, Polish learning works well with these platforms as well. The teacher will always ask you at the beginning of online Polish lesson if you ca see him and hear him well. Before the Skype lesson he will e-mail you the worksheet which will help you to learn Polish language. During the online Polish lesson you will practice how to speak Polish properly. You will learn Polish vocabulary and grammar and what is the most important – Polish online lessons will help you to develop your communication skills, so you will be able to order dinner when you are in Poland and talk freely with your Polish friends or business partners.


If you want to „like” learning Polish, then you should take lessons with Magda! Magda is a teacher who connects with her students and pushes them to a reasonable level by offering various lesson plans that range from grammar to vocabulary to reading and conversation. She knows how to keep the student engaged and she knows when the student is „checking out”. She takes the proper steps to help you learn the language and remember it in daily routines. Her lessons are fun and you find yourself never wanting to miss one. If you must, she is willing to adjust her schedule to meet yours. If skype suits you, she will prepare virtual lesson plans. If face to face is what you prefer, she will come to you or welcome you into her house. In any instance, she creates a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can see the results you want. I could not be more satisfied with my lessons with Magda and I would recommed her as a teacher to anyone who is ready to take on the challenge of learning Polish!

Jacqueline FreidelUSA


I started having lessons with Magda about 9 months ago. I had been living in Poland for almost 5 years, but could only say a couple of simple sentences in Polish. The reason is that I belong to a tight community of Norwegian/English speaking people and had never needed to speak Polish. I’m also very shy and embarrassed about speaking such a difficult language. However, I eventually decided it was more embarrassing not to learn the language at all. Magda came highly recommended by a colleague and I was not disappointed. I’ve never met a teacher who made it this comfortable to learn. I come to her place and she makes me coffee. We sit down on the couch and talk about what I’ve been up to since the last lesson. She’s always open to suggestions if I’m struggling with something (grammar, how to ask a girl on a date, etc.) and takes into account my individual learning pace. I’ll only be in Poland for another year, but I will definitely continue having lessons with Magda and I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the language or maybe just “polish” it a bit… Myślę, że Magda Górna jest najlepszą nauczycielką na świecie :)

Jarl Tobiassen, Norway



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